With Ukandanz and Asnaké Guebreyès
Melaku @ TFF Rudolstadt Festival
US tour with Fendika and Debo band
Fendika on Tour in Mali
with Fendika in Europe tour
with Addis Azmari in France tour
presents Enitewawek at Alliance francaise, Addis Abeba
Melaku presents "Ahun"
On tour with the EX and Getatchew Mekuria
In french residence with Akalé Wubé
Fendika in US tour with Debo band
Ethiocolor band @ Alliance Française
Fendika on French tour with le Baroque Nomade
Ethiocolor on tour in Spain
On tour in Europe with the EX & Getatchew Mekuria
Fendika on US tour
Ethiocolor on Tour in Sweden and Norway
in concert in Novarr with Invernomuto
On tour with the EX band for their 33th birthday tour
On tour with Fendika in US
Novarra Jazz goes to Ethiopia project
Fendika's summer tour
SKINSHOUT meets Melaku Belay in Addis
Ethiocolor in tour in Europe
Melaku &Fendika @ The EX festival 2014
Ethio-Spanish concert in National Theatre
Ethiopian Tour with the EX, Getatchew Mekuria & guests
Save Fendika- THE LAST CALL
Ethiocolor at Selam Festival Addis
Fendika is back on tour in Europe